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   What are the critical reforms that are required to make ‘Staffing’ a choice of employment?
  • The Staffing industry is evolving at a fast pace. However, there is room for improvement and creating more value to the community we serve. The sector needs to create more opportunities across skill levels and needs to further focus on career growth for their employees to create a long term impact. In the near future, a fresher should start looking at “Staffing Employers” as a launch pad to their career.

  •     As the Staffing market is growing in India, a large number of labour laws have been passed by the Government, which caters to different aspects of labor. The important areas would be Minimum Wage Standardization, Provident Fund, ESIC, Contract Labour Industrial Disputes, to name a few. Further reforms that benefit both the Industry and the labor will be key to attract more talent.
  •   Also, staffing companies need to start looking at other aspects to make it a choice of employment. This would include Women Security, Contract Worker Security and better Health insurance . There is also a need to establish parity in employment and to ensure that the contract workers are paid well in comparison to the output as compared to the Permanent Staff in an organization.

  •   Talent development through innovative programs, introduction of best practices in rewards management and employer branding will go a long way to attract and retain talent and further grow this sector. Also, in knowledge based industry like IT and others, Staffing needs to move up the value chain and play the employer role to the employee rather than the facilitator role it plays today by providing the all-round experience that a full time employer would provide .
  What role does Staffing play as an emerging employment avenue? 

Staffing plays a significant role in providing the ideal platform for integration of different workforce categories –

1. Employees entering the workforce for the first time,
2. As a second career option
3. Providing flexibility to job seekers keen on lifestyle employment
4. Positioned correctly Staffing can become Gen Y preferred type of work engagement As the industry is still evolving, there is also a scope to be experimental and the talent entering this sector has umpteen opportunities to learn, innovate and create a niche for themselves.

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