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  • Involvement of Ministry of Labor and Employment in the process of discussions for labor reforms

    The involvement of Indian Staffing Federation to be included in the process of discussions for labor reforms in the state related to contract staffing.

  • CLRA amendments

    • Provision to include provision for National License for Staffing Companies,
    • Minimum Turnover as threshold base to allow organisations to operate in the space
    • Renewal of Licence in a 3-5 yr period
  • Involving States – Ministry of Labour from Maharashtra, Telangana in discussion for the Contract Labor and Regulation Act Amendment

    The big change as advocated by ISF is to bring a License to operate in flexi staffing industry. This will not only regulate the staffing industry but also reduce the unorganized sector. Employers will gradually have to shift to work with the license holding staffing companies to operate in this industry.
    The state Ministry of Labor departments however, want to take small steps initially. Maharashtra announced and amendment with number of contrat workers being increased to 50 from 20 to bring ease of business and procurement of CLRA by employer.

  • Central Ministry of Labor & Employment working on National License for staffing industry along with Indian Staffing Federation in the 4th Labor Code and amendment to the current act

    Ministry of Labor an Employment initiated the change in the contract labor and regulation act among several other acts last year, being amended under labor reforms. Indian Staffing Federation has been involved in the amendment process to bring the National License and its impact across the rules of the act as required to be changed. The same is being done in 2 stages and is expected to go to cabinet within next 1 year.

  • Digitisation of records, Ministry of Labour and Employment

    Ministry of Labour and Employment called ISF into a committee meeting for presenting opinion on draft Digitization of Labour records.

    Format standardization of Central and State forms.
     Use of Aadhar and PAN effectively as validations and draw data from their database to pre-fill forms.                                  Change in Gratuity form to do away with the need for witness.

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