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   1. Does IT staffing is experiencing relatively strong growth compared to other segments?

    As per the industry reports, the overall workforce is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2-3% in 2011-2019 while the flexi-staffing is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 20-25% between 2013-2019. Sectors such as IT enabled services are going to reflect a higher growth in the overall employment. Hence it is a foregone conclusion that when the IT industry will advance, growing at the rate of 12-14 per cent for FY2016, automatically it will ingrain a sincere demand of IT staffing too. Let’s also keep in mind the base of tech start-ups which is expected to increase to 11500 by 2020. That factor too would be a key contributor towards enhancing the IT market share, & therefore expanding the staffing industry market.

   2. What are the 'Key IT Hiring Trends to Watch for in 2016'?

In this highly progressive & competitive era, almost every industry is trying to transform itself to become hi-tech and paperless, due credits to power of information and digital infrastructure. Though the industry reports indicate about the overall 5M decline in the global jobs by 2020, but simultaneous new trends including rapid internet growth and technology adoption would stabilize the IT jobs’ demand. For India, a decline in traditional IT jobs at 0.38% annually is expected over 2015-2020, while the mobility segment is expected to grow at 1.15% in the same period, keeping the overall outlook for IT jobs remaining stable. I foresee strong employment growth in the computer & analytical jobs sectors, encompassing both traditional IT work & disruptive digital technology, & new trend areas. Many domestic & global organizations have started to explore the options of flexi staffing seriously, & are seeking strong partners to help them is this process, including the availability of similar delivery standards across the globe. Staffing organizations with global presence are emerging as favoured partner of choice for Global organizations in this respect.

   3. What are employers looking for in an Flexi IT professional?

Employers primarily seek trained resources to become productive with the least turnaround time, as flexi staffing generally does not provide the privilege of extensive training before utilization. Besides, compliance track record, experience pedigree, geographical presence are the most pivot parameters for hiring of flexi IT professionals. Since the duration of job is not extensive enough, employers can’t afford inactive approach but expect a very precise timely execution that could meet their timelines too.

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